Here’s Why You Must Invest in Content Marketing!

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Being an entrepreneur with limited funds or savings to begin your venture, you are often forced to choose among the array of things that need to be invested in. Content marketing is one thing that gets sidelined.  At the very onset of this discussion, ask yourself- what is the topmost priority? The answers would be in the range of conversions or sales or generating leads. Now, among various ways to generate the leads, one proven method is ‘content marketing’. Now, let us discuss this in detail.
Before delving into why content marketing is crucial to startups and businesses alike, let us first define
What is content marketing?
Content marketing is one of the pillars of digital marketing. Unlike ads, it mainly focuses on establishing a long-term, constant engagement with the audience. The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, stands true for online platforms. The customer or audience is flooded with a plethora of content flowing every now and then. Hence, need for constant engagement becomes significant.  Now comes the question-
Why should a startup consider content marketing?
Today’s customers are not only looking for products online but also many of them seek solutions. For solving their problems, increasing their productivity, creativity, etc. they resort to reading things online. So, content not only helps give insightful information to them but also describes your offering in the most credible way.
First information about your business for potential customers must be an informative one. That is where content will come into the picture. It produces free and informative pieces in form of blogs, news or full-fledged articles. This generates awareness about the existence of your business to the target audience. An informed customer will be more willing to take up the first service from you rather than a hesitant one.
After the first interaction, if the content is valuable, the audience will be curious to get updates from your website/channel. This is how a relationship would be built over time.
Now comes the difficult part, how to ensure the content marketing is effective enough to bring results?
This is where guidance from your startup mentors is much needed. So, start the first step towards content marketing now.

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