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Entrepreneurs from India part of Z Nation Lab, Silicon Valley Bootcamp were hosted at 42 for a 3-day extensive workshop to build on their investor pitch and go to market strategy. As part of the program students and startups at 42 along with mentors at Z Nation Lab, Silicon Valley worked together with Indian startups to build their elevator pitch, 90 seconds pitch, one-line message, differentiator and value proposition.

Startups also got the opportunity to get valuable feedback from Investors on their startup Pitch during the panel discussion. Some of the important remarks made during the Investor panel are :

  1. One can’t build the startup in the silo, you need to cross-pollinate, an entrepreneur can’t carry the burden on himself, it’s all about collaboration, exchange, and networking.
  2. If you go to seek funding you will get advice, if you will go to get an advice, often you might get funding.
  3. VC’s in Silicon Valley are more likely to fund startups having no revenue than anywhere else in the world. The key is to have the right team and problem that can be solved.
  4. If your startup falls under one of the below categories, it is better to explore the US opportunities sooner than later
  5. Enterprise startups having the ultimate goal of having customers in the USA
  6. B to C startups having users across the globe.

In the end, the focus is the key, make only what customers want and regular feedback from customers at the early stage will help you build the right product which can be scaled big.

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