Z Nation Lab Seed Fund

The VC business has been the toughest part to decipher for upcoming startups. But we are here to change all that.  With access to a global network of VC and a strong presence in Silicon Valley, we add more to the VC side with our own ZNL Seed FUND.

Our portfolio companies feel more confident in their approach and leap forward with their aggressive growth plans leaving their funding worries to us! Our network of Angel investors is keen to invest in early-stage businesses which have the potential to create disproportionate value. Members of the Investor Network are leaders in the Entrepreneurial Eco- System as they have had strong operational experience as CEOs or a background of creating new and successful ventures, they bring offer much more than funding. You, be at any stage of your startup funding, from Seed to Series X, our years of experience and trusted network will exactly what you have in mind.


Co-Invest with Us


ZNL have partnered with over 300 of the world's most prominent VCs to ensure that we source the best startups in the world for our innovation platforms. We actively participate in rounds with other VCs, help to boost their portfolio companies, and connect our corporate partners to the investors. As a part of our vision to deliver the maximum of the best to startups we are keen to add more investors in our fold. So, if you are an investor with an existing portfolio or a new player with an intention to fund startups you can partner with us and ZNL can surely add value to your activities and help you expand your vistas.

Benefits of Investing with Z Nation Lab

Hand Picked

Professionally Curated Startups to help you invest smart.

In - House

Mentoring by industry’s best improves the startup’s business and thus their valuations faster

Co - Invest

Co-Invest alongside trusted VC’s & Angels.

Why Invest in a startup through an Accelerator

Startups are Riskier

An asset class which comes with a high reward but correspondingly higher risk.

Long Term Investments

Multi baggers leading to acquisition or divestment.

Diversified Portfolio

Investments based on your risk appetite by building a portfolio of multiple startups.

Our Portfolio Startups