Z Nation Lab formed an alliance with Kowrk to help the Startup ecosystem

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Kowrk and Z Nation Lab formed an alliance in the Q4 of 2017. Since then they have been working on different initiatives to promote startup growth in India and other countries. To extend the benefits of their association to the ZNL community, Kowrk has launched a special offer for Z Nation Lab users. Now every startup coming with a referral of ZNL is eligible to avail value-added services at discounted rates from Kowrk’s partners. These discounts add up to Rs. 4 Lacs.

Now along with with getting a shared workspace at the best rates possible across the map, ZNL community can also get SEO, SEM, SMM, Recruitment, Public Relationship, Marketing collaterals, Explainer Videos, Printing, company Incorporation, etc. services at discounted rates. Kowrk has selected a few partners who have agreed to offer the best services at discounted prices.
About Kowrk

At Kowrk, we envision a future where freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, distributed teams, visiting employees and temporary companies will enhance their flexibility, efficiency, and productivity by using shared workspaces.

Kowrk is a platform that enables this future of work by connecting users with coworking spaces, business centers, coworking cafes and other providers of shared offices.

We have listed more than 42,000 seats across different shared workspaces in 20+ countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Cambodia, and the USA. With Kowrk, finding, comparing and booking a coworking space or shared office across countries is as easy as booking a hotel.

More info on http://kowrk.com

About Z Nation Lab

Z Nation Lab provides an ecosystem to tech entrepreneurs and startups to help them accelerate their growth. They are an early-stage accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs with capital, technical expertise, and network. Z Nation brings together high-quality mentors, subject matter experts, experienced professionals, investors, and VCs under one roof to curate a community that offers an environment for innovation to thrive.
More info: http://znationlab.com/

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