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“Forests precede mankind; deserts follow.” An ominously true quote to begin this with, as in this century, the biggest problem that we are facing is the blatant destruction of our planet. Most activities done by mankind are harming the earth in one way or another, and unknowingly, we are destroying our home planet; thus, sustainable, eco-friendly start-ups are the need of the present. The levels of pollution have become high all over the world, leading to various problems such as global warming, heavy smogs, and sickness. This not only affects our surroundings but also has an effect on our own mental and physical well-being and productivity.

Start-ups are coming up in nearly every sector, be it retail or textile. These start-ups are influencing the sectors to move in certain directions, as they represent the solutions to the problem faced by the general public. Many multinational corporations and companies tend to partner with these start-ups and adopt many practices they find beneficial.

Thus, the best way to introduce sustainable practices in various industries around the globe would be to form start-ups that provide sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. By doing this, they establish that while it is necessary to use pin-pointed methods to reduce pollution, adopting the green practice in solutions to common, but major issues faced by the people can also help a lot in doing the same.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, at the end of a time period for Millennial Development Goals, The United Nations, recognizing the rising problem of pollution, established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 goals, which aim to increase sustainable development throughout the world. This ensures that the current generation makes progress in such a way that the resources are conserved for future generations as well. Thus, by adopting these SDGs, entrepreneurs can simultaneously create environmental friendly start-ups and solve the issues they have set out to resolve.

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