Tech is transforming fashion at a faster pace than ever with robots that sew & cut fabric to AI algorithms that predict style trends to VR mirrors in dressing rooms. Technology is automating, personalising and speeding up every aspect of the fashion cycle.

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Retail Ecom Industry by 2022

We believe this trend will leapfrog and spread across all the developing markets with significant presence in every aspect of the value chain, from cotton to digitally active consumers and a strong ecosystem for tech-led start-ups, India is strongly positioned to drive innovation in this sector.


Z Nation Lab’s Retail & Textile Accelerator is established with an aim to provide an ecosystem to tech-enabled entrepreneurs and startups with disruptive ideas and products in Retail & Textile and help them to accelerate their growth.


Z Nation Lab’s early stage Retail & Textile accelerator empowers entrepreneurs by providing technical expertise and network by bringing together high-quality mentors, domain experts, experienced professionals and investors under one roof to curate a community that offers an environment for innovation to thrive.


Z Nation Lab believes in investing in Next Generation Technology Startups which have a potential to transform the Retail & Textile industry. We also invite other VC’s, HNI’s and Angel Forums to Co-invest with us.


Robert Lobo

Robert Lobo

Venture Partner - Textile & Apparel
Yogi (Yugan) Sikri

Yogi (Yugan) Sikri

Strategic Partner Development Manager, AWS
Pushpamitra Das

Pushpamitra Das

Venture Partner - Real Estate

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