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In a world where information is power, too much of unsegregated information is even more dangerous. This is a problem that the travel industry has been grappling with for a long time, and this is the problem that ScoutMyTrip aims to solve.

Today, a traveler has to seek out information for any holiday they take by trawling through a million websites and confusing blogs, or while planning a road trip, they rely on standard tools like Google Maps to chart out how to reach their holiday destination. ScoutMyTrip helps them by putting all the relevant information to plan their holiday in one place.

From Identifying which route to take for your local weekend getaway to planning a lovely road-trip through the countryside, ScoutMyTrip builds you an itinerary that is technologically supported by an intelligent engine that has been built by travelers for travelers. If you have doubts you get to talk to a local “ Scout “ and clear them, or even get them to include those unique experiences that only a local would be aware of.

From Gas stations to hotels and home-stays, to restaurants and even toilets, ScoutMyTrip adds these automatically to your itinerary. You also get to choose things to see and do along your journey basis your interests.

ScoutMyTrip, in a nutshell, is your travel companion that is technologically clever enough to solve your holiday issues and a human interface to add that unique personal touch to make your holiday special.

In the last 2 years of operations, ScoutMyTrip has had over 30000 customers using their services. More than 2500 trips have been planned by its users and have a Scout in every state, every region in India. As a part of its community-building initiatives large corporate houses like the Mahindra Auto division and a multitude of Hotel chains and aggregators have become its partners.  Over a lac of properties are listed and hundreds of thousands of points of interest are there for our users to browse through and add to their next holiday plan.

We also turned operationally profitable in 2018. We have raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from co-working space and accelerator Z Nation Lab as an initial seed.

Our community story is extremely strong and we believe in further strengthening this. Over the next few years, we would be looking at expanding to outside India and replicate this same successful model across other countries. Our first target will be to go to North America and Europe Markets, where the culture to a road trip is even more prevalent as compared to India.

We also believe in forging strong partnerships and are looking forward to some major ones in the coming year. There is clearly a lot waiting to happen in the coming year!

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