Tips for women entrepreneurs of India

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The idea of business is mostly frowned upon, especially if you are starting from the scratch. Nevertheless, many have carved a niche for themselves in this crazy rat race. Many initiatives are transformational. In recent times, a lot of women are seen taking up phenomenal initiatives. They no longer wish to stick to their kitchens, and are actually seen exploring the real world. They are the true change-makers of the society. They are seen breaking stereotypes and fighting against the school of old thoughts. How did these women fight against all the odds? Let’s take a look at few of these significant change-makers, and find out their secret success mantras.

  • Anu Aga- A well-known businesswoman, ex chairperson of Thermax and an active philanthropist, Anu Aga is a great source of inspiration to many young women. She is the perfect blend of business and social commitments. Anu Aga’s business and struggle stories are told country wide to create awareness about entrepreneurship.
  • Shaheen Mistri- At the age of 20, Shaheen started ‘Akankasha’, a non-profit educational initiative. She later went to head Teach for India, which aims at recruiting some of the brilliant leaders across the country to work towards educational equity. Her mission sees no end. At TFI, the number of youths is increasingly exceeding every year and working towards a common cause.
  • Suchi Mukherjee- LimeRoad is a commonly downloaded app. Meet this woman who came up with the idea of LimeRoad. Fashion needed new insights. After having worked at some of the most reputed organizations such as Skype, Suchi decided to start her own business. And well, LimeRoad says it all.
  • Priya Naik- Samhita Social Ventures was founded by Priya Naik. This organization crowd-funds for various NGOs and corporations. After having studied in some of the A-list universities, Priya decided to invest her skills into this venture.

How can women be successful entrepreneurs?

  • Getting out of your comfort zone- It’s completely okay to synchronize work and your personal life. But great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. A few baby steps and maybe one giant step is all you need.
  • Mind sets- So, yeah. People will compare you with men, there are going to be gender biases. You need to put these prejudices aside and trust your instincts. Because, on the field, regardless of the gender, every individual is an entrepreneur first.
  • Crowdfunding- Sufficient funds is a must before you initiate any venture- be it for registration of the office. Do the right publicity and raise enough funds. Bankruptcy during the initial phases is something better kept far.
  • Create a support system- With all the discouragement you are likely to go through, it is very important to have a healthy balance between your hard work and emotional well-being. Build a proper network, gather supporters. They’ll pick you up on your off days.
  • Just start- Finally, remember, no idea is big or small. And the right time to start, is now.

‘Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is’.
Neha Jain
Co-Founder, Z Nation Lab

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