Z Nation Lab closed Investment in 5 Y Combinator startups

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March has been a great month at Z Nation Lab as we were invited as part of the esteemed group to attend the Investor School conducted by Y Combinator, a US-based seed accelerator and fund with worldwide recognition and appraise, followed by the Y Combinator Demo Day wherein the Winter 2018 batch of YC pitched to attract Investors Interest.
The team at Z Nation Lab analyzed all the Startups of the current batch based on parameters like the idea, scalability, traction, team etc. and shortlisted some Startups and we are happy to announce that we have closed Investment in following 5 startups from this batch of Y Combinator mentioned below.

Proof –  Proof Helps You Increase Website Conversions Through Personalized Social Proof.
Proven – PROVEN is a tech-enabled beauty startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create personalized skin care products for consumers
Playbook –  We make it easy to hang out with college students around you.
MirrorAI –  App that turns selfie photos into thousand emoji that look like you and your friends.
Voicery –  Automated voice acting and emotive speech synthesis with deep neural networks.

Z Nation Lab has carried out these Investments along with few partners in India. This opens the corridor for Z Nation Lab making investments in global companies.

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