How the Blockchain Technology can Revolutionize Education

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You might have heard the term ‘blockchain’ being used in the same context as cryptocurrencies. However, that is not the only field where the blockchain technology finds immense use; various other fields, the newest being education, can make amazing progress using this technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain technology is a decentralized technology, built of digital ledgers, which allows data to be stored permanently, and not tampered and copied. By being decentralized, it ensures that the data does not reside with a single person, instead is visible for all to view. Certain operations, such as those of Smart Contracts, are also based on blockchain; Smart contracts are made of the terms agreed upon by all parties involved and is executed immediately once the conditions are met. It is quite difficult to change the terms of the contract, and it ensures that neither party is at a loss

How can Blockchain be applied to Education?

Blockchain technology can find immense use in the field of education; sites like use the concept of blockchain to create an environment where knowledge is given and taken. It uses a system of token economies, where those who give knowledge can earn tokens from those who learn, and ultimately exchange the tokens for bigger rewards. The use of blockchain can also be used to take tests and keep bonafide records, and use them as proof of education as they cannot be tampered with. The concept of token economies using smart contracts and creating crypto-tokens can be used as a reward system to encourage learning.
Blockchain used in educationAdministration in schools has tremendous use of blockchain technology. Other than being able to record the educational degrees, evaluations of various students can also be stored on digital ledgers, allowing the information to be viewed by everyone, and preventing the records from being changed.
While the customization of the blockchain technology in this field is in its nascent stages, the application is wide and will be quite looked for in the near future. Do let us know how you think the blockchain technology can be used in education in the comments below!

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