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The Indian Design Dilemma

Limited square feet is a reality for most urban dwellings today, given the rise in urban population over the last few decades. Whether its office spaces or homes, the spaces occupied leave much to be desired, be it in terms of form, function or aesthetics. And it isn’t for the lack of ideas or desire from the customer’s end. On the contrary, a digitally connected customer today knows which Pinterest wall he wants to pick out his next bedroom design from and which Instagram account tickles his design sense for the perfect living room layout! However, what happens next is where his design dreams fall through the cracks. The Indian customer today is faced with the peculiar dilemma of choosing between two extremes of pricey interior designers or makeshift contractor teams who leave much to be desired. There is no middle path for him to follow, and while his digital savviness can get him the exposure to design ideas galore, the execution of that idea remains elusive, until now that is!

The Spacifii Story

Our lives have significantly improved with the ease that technology affords us, however, our living space itself, in other words, our home, or even our workplace, remains largely untouched by the power of transformation that technology has brought into other aspects of our life. We also understood that the Indian real estate industry is dotted with interruptions owing to its disorganized nature causing the customer to feel apprehensive over the process and end product. We at SPACIFII wanted to change that.

The Vision Board

Our vision is to harness the power of technology to transform your living and workspaces, taking the picture from your mind’s eye and bringing it to life, while upholding the values that technology offers – that of TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and TIMELINESS.

The Team

A collective of passionate design and tech heads with decades of experience under their belt form the core team of this young startup, driven by a single-minded mission to create spaces that matter, we help our customers curate the best quality design and execution teams and solutions, while remaining firmly on the customer side!

Bringing Intelligent Home Design Solutions Closer to Customers

The Interior Design space is seeing a seismic shift from the real to the digital domain owing to 3D & AR/VR technology providing a photo-realistic visual of the desired room design. By leveraging tech-based innovation in design, manufacturing, and construction, SPACIFII offers overlapping solutions to multiple challenges in the design and execution process of transforming a space. Our cutting-edge technology & automation of the interior design space brings standardization, the speed of execution, affordability, and waste elimination to create a more sustaining customer experience.

Our promise to every customer

The Online interior design space is relatively new and concerns such as not being able to meet their designer face-to-face, checking the look-and-feel of the swatches and apprehensions of hidden costs are key concerns homeowners grapple with. The SPACIFII model is designed to eliminate these concerns with a “What you see is what you get” promise. SPACIFII offers transparency by offering real-time monitoring of the design execution process to the customer. This project management and tracking tool allow for a sense of accountability & transparency in the end to end execution putting the “ready” in the ready-to-move-in. From registration to completion of every individual project, the customer experience is stringently monitored to make trust a deliverable cornerstone of the Spacifii experience

The SPACIFII Edge: Special Tech Box

Spacifii intends to transform this industry with its technology backed solutions, ensuring any post-construction commitments are always honored.

  • One Stop Solution
  • Certified Contractors
  • Price Standardization
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • On-Time Delivery

The SPACIFII Experience: – Intelligent Solutions Delivered with Trust

  • Choose Style & Budget
  • Quick Expert Chat
  • First Cut Initial Concepts
  • On-boarding
  • Commence Work
  • Sit back & Track progress

Enabling the growth of Sustainable ecosystems

Ecosystems in the business arena are evolving capabilities to collectively create a competitive advantage which can cross a variety of industries. The SPACIFII edge creates an ecosystem which benefits all participants in the interior design arena; customers, designers and manufacturers, service providers & Retailers.

The Spacifii Ecosystem

The Spacifii ecosystem brings to the table the best price options & personalized service building with a rapidly augmenting team of trusted industry experts and retail vendors. 100+ certified vendors and 100+ designers of repute, offer over 10000+ interior design choices executed by over 100+ verified contractors.

1. Designers –

  • Confirmed leads
  • No site-visits or in-person designer-client association.
  • Intelligently matches designers and clients
  • Pairing across geographical boundaries.


  • Confirmed leads
  • New sales channel to showcase products

3. Architects and contractors

  • Can up-sell existing projects using SPACIFII advantage
  • Easy funding solution through SPACIFII’s network of financial institutions
  • Data-driven insights and solutions

4. Customers-

  • Price Benefit on multiple branded products
  • A single convenient online platform
  • Spacifii consolidates the shipping and purchasing for them
  • Access to Curated items and expert help
  • Control over time and price offering of multiple brands

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