Common Myths about StartUps Debunked

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While being an entrepreneur and starting your own business may sound like a brilliant idea. the start-up life is not simply a walk in the park. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have heard things from family and friends who think of many false things about start-ups. So, we are now going to be debunking a few common myths regarding start-ups.

  1. Any idea will work: This is one of the most dangerous myths in question. It might so seem that innovative ideas to small problems might be a good base for start-ups, but for it to grow and attract investors, it should solve problems on a large scale. Innovative ideas are, of course, important, but they need a lot of market research to make sure that any start-up based on them will be able to stand on a global platform. F
  2. Entrepreneurs do nothing but work on their start-ups: This is of course, completely false. Start-ups are risky, and until they take off, not a lot of entrepreneurs leave their assured jobs to devote complete time to start-ups.
  3. First Products are not that important: Nowadays, even for start-ups, the first impression is the key. If you want your start-up to go further, make sure that your first product is at least a moderate, if not a roaring success. Investors and customers look at the complete history of the start-up, so a bad first product will not leave a good impression
  4. You can only be an entrepreneur at a young age: This myth originates from the fact that start-ups take time and money to take off, and old, retired people might not have both. However, this is completely false. Age should not hold you back if you have a great idea; in fact, it is an indicator of the life experiences you have had.
  5. Attend as many conferences as possible: It may seem that attending many, many conferences will give you great ideas and networking opportunities, you need time to apply the knowledge of the conferences in your own start-ups. This myth may be true to a slight extent, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Image result for Start-up myths

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