Global Exposure Needed for Indian Start-Ups

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The start-up culture in India has become pretty famous in the past few years. Brilliant minds are now looking to start their own companies and design products to cater to society’s problems. Unfortunately, they have not yet been able to reach out globally. This is due to the lack of knowledge of international markets, because of which the entrepreneurs are unable to customize their products for the global society.

To get their ideas to the society as a whole, it is necessary that Indian start-ups begin competing at an international level, by partnering with foreign investors and research how their product or service can be useful to people around the globe. It can range from providing certain products to connecting different parts of the world.

A Chance to Connect to the Global Market

A first of its kind event, called the Indo-German Pitch Startup Summit, is going to be organized in Mumbai on July 7. It allows the Indian and German Start-Ups to connect by having a live-feed throughout the summit, which allows German investors, along with the Indian ones, to hear the Indian entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, and vice-versa for German Investors. This allows start-ups of both countries to evaluate and compare the markets, and partner with the other country’s investors.

Another program, the Silicon Valley Bootcamp also gives Indian start-ups a chance to evaluate the standing of their ideas on a global level. The participants pitch their ideas to mentors and investors from across the globe and are evaluated by panelists from India and Silicon Valley. The program also includes informal networking sessions, allowing the entrepreneurs to interact with each other, the mentors, and the investors, thus building up connections to reach the global market.

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