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While it takes pure passion, a burning desire to start your own thing, it also takes immense perseverance and patience to find the right people who buy your idea. It takes great deal of time and patience to visit investors individually and then find the right guiding lights. Now, imagine if we say that you can present your idea to various investors all at once, online. Want to know how it can be done? The answer is Global Pitch, an event organized by Deal Matrix & Z Nation Lab. It is the biggest online pitching competition across the globe where the best startups meet unique opportunities. At the single click, one can get an access to many investors, incubators, industry experts and much more. So, without you having to travel to any investor or corporate’s place, you get connected to many of them globally. The cherry on the cake is the golden ticket, which if won, will give you access to most crucial conferences for your startup. Apart from the global pitch winner, there would be other category winners also. Want to know which category does your startup first into? Read ahead.
Your pitch can be crowned as best one among-
a) Our Planet (Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Social Impact)
b) Our Body (Healthcare, Medical, Biology, Wellness and Well-being)
c) Our Economy (Production, Distribution, Trade and Markets)
d) Our Information (Data Generation, Prediction, Consumption and Analytics)
e) Our Cities (Smart Cities and Homes, e-Government)
All these category winners shall have further opportunities. If you have a brilliant tech solution, the event is the right one for you.
The partners for this amazing event are many reputed incubators such as startup China accelerator, Startup Chile, Elevator club, among others. As an admirer of technological disruption, Z Nation Lab have also partnered for this event. We believe that these will help us identify and connect to best of tech-based startups. Our co-founder Neha Jain will be a part of the jury for this runway event where several startups are set to fly. Neha is sphere heading the Corporate Innovation Initiative & Partnerships at Z Nation Lab. She is known for her relationship building and networking skills along with being an outstanding influencer in the start-up ecosystem. Neha has been working actively to develop cross border relationships with the International start-up hubs to bridge the gap and build a Global Ecosystem. 
This is an event that can direct your dreams further. So, why wait?
Register now. Applications close on 22 April 2018.
The link for event is-

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