Mastery of Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to learn, replicate, and predict actions and responses. The twenty-first century has seen the rise of the use of Artificial Intelligence in almost all aspects of life. Self-sustaining machines capable of making decisions with little input have increased efficiency and encouraged progress. Almost in all fields, usage of machine learning can help ameliorate the technology used in that area. Human input, and ultimately human error, would decrease, ensuring more correct records.

The term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John Mcarthy in 1956. Ever since then, the application and need for artificial intelligence has much increased.AI in healthcare is one of the major applications of the technology, and allows for quicker and more efficient diagnoses of patients. In the agricultural industry, start-ups that make use of clouds and applications which are able to advise the farmers about their crops are much in demand and are promoted by the Department of Biotechnology.

The use of AI also extends to the education industry, where it can be used for grading or for tutoring students to help them learn on their own. In fields of law and finance, AI can be used to sift through various documents and collect the ones required by the user. Many universities now offer grants on AI research, and it has become a popular choice for the basis of start-ups all over the world.
We, at Z Nation Lab, encourage entrepreneurs to come to us with ideas involving the use of machine learning, so we can bring India forward with this new technology.

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