Technology Solutions for Real Estate in India

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As reported by The Deccan Chronicles, Z Nation Lab organized the Innovation at Core Real Estate Accelerator Program. It was aimed at bringing together the ideas of real estate developers and tech start-ups, to solve issues faced by the real estate sector in India.

The event saw the presence of top executives from big names in the industry such as Adani Group, Runwal Group, Sunteck Realty amongst others, and start-ups like Picostone, Runtime Solutions, etc. Innovative solutions, in the form of product presentations, were explained at this meet. The networking opportunity was of great benefit to both kinds of participants, enabling them to give each other more insight into the problems and solutions. Pushpamitra Das, Venture Partner and Mentor at Z Nation Lab was the driving force behind this initiative and is very supportive of partnerships between real estates and tech start-ups. He hopes that such partnerships will enable the real estate sector to rise to an international platform.

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