Z Nation Lab at Startup Investors Summit 2017

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Startup Investors Summit 2017 was a throwback on how, we as a country, have traveled so far in the startup business and investor ecosystem vis-a-vis the world around and also a poignant panorama of why and how we could scale up for the best of India’s startups and the government’s mission to empower them.

It was an honest purview of what’s happening in and with the startup investments in the country and how do we enliven the space for more. A two days high adrenaline, thought-provoking and solution-focused Startup Investors Summit 2017, gathered more than 100+ speakers and thought leaders like Abhishek Rathi – Founder, Abhishek Rathi Investment Banking, Adhiraj Banerjee  – Executive Director, IvyCamp, Amit Mehra – Principal, Unicorn India Ventures, Mohit Gulati – Founder Altius Ventures & Indian Startup ecosystem, Pradeep Rathi – Founder & Chief Mentor, Pepper Advisory, Sudhir Kadam – Partner, FYDA Startup Alchemists, Ankit Buti – Founder & CEO, StartupEd and from Z Nation Lab Anup Mehta – Co-Founder at Z Nation Lab represented us.

500+ investors, angels, venture capitalists, private equity professionals, mentors, aspiring investors, 1000+ carefully curated startups, representatives from the government and erudite academicians. There were Speakers from around the world like Gautam Khetrapal -Founder of LifePlugin.com, Head of Product Marketing, Mindvalley, Chelsea Rustrum – Founder of Rustrum.com, Archana Hingorani – Chief Operating Officer at IL&FS Investment Managers Limited,  Nilesh Jain -Venture Partner at Z Nation Lab and many more.

In Anup Mehta’s words “ (He) had some interesting conversations with startup founders in Augmented reality, Food and food supplements and med-tech domain. ”

Our Venture Partner Nilesh Jain spoke about Artificial Intelligence, and several discussions ranged around it. Nilesh had the view that “Machines — while capable of extremely impressive automated feats — lack true intellectual and emotional development. While smarter machines may have entered our cars, homes, and lives in 2017, humanity’s AI is still in its elementary stages.

Every time in my discussions and panels, it’s about ‘AI being better than humans—not collaboration’. AI must understand humanity, cooperate vs follow commands. AI needs to acquire the ability to ‘reason’, we are not light-years away, but far away to make claims of building super-intelligent machines.
The need for a machine and human cooperation, especially in healthcare is more important, unfortunately, is often overshadowed by competitions between the two entities.”

When asked, “Would I need to go to a Doctor if my phone can answer all the questions and prescribe medicines”, Nilesh left it at that.

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