Top food start ups in India

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Movies or food, there is so much to do with reviews. Well, reviews, special discounts, health check, delivery options- we necessarily look out for these when we choose a place to eat. Let’s take a look at some of the top food start-ups of India.

Zomato: The most common name in every household. It initially operated in few metros of India, and now provides its service across 37 cities in the country. Not only this, Zomato has also stepped out of India and is operational across 23 countries. All sorts of cuisines and the best places to eat in our budget are easy to find here.

Faasos: Wraps and rolls- you know its Faasos! A certain research says that Faasos receives as many as 10,000 orders every day. It is currently operational in 15 different cities of India. Faasos is already known for keeping its customers happy with a wide range of offers from time to time. Faasos especially came in limelight with the launch of its famous ‘loyalty program for its regular customers’. Founder Barman has also stated that he’s looking to operate Faasos in 15 more cities by 2017.

Box8: This Company was founded in 2012 in Mumbai. Though Box8 is actively operational in Mumbai, it has started spreading its wings in Pune as well. Box8 is especially known for its combo meals, which are available at reasonable prices and quantities.

Foodpanda: Another popular name in the food market. Like Zomato, Foodpanda gives you all the information that you need before choosing that perfect place and meal, at the prices you desire. And yes, the range of cuisines never seems to end. The very famous ‘Tastykhana’ now happens to be a part of Foodpanda.

Freshmenu: Fresh menu is a Bangalore based food start-up, which operates in the prime areas of the city. With its amazing combo offers, Freshmenu is now gaining popularity within the city. Apart from the ones mentioned above, some other food start-ups in India include- Mealsonwheels, SpoonJoy, Eatlo and GetMeFood among others.

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